[GLLUG] Emails

Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Wed Mar 30 15:15:59 UTC 2022

I have been using email for many years, recently using kmail on debian 10 
buster, kde, and now debian 11 bullseye, kde, with kmail which dumps new mail 
as local mail. Both versions come with their own export/import system, and I 
end up with an incomplete copy of the previous configuration which then 
requires re-editing, and a dump of the previous emails in a totally different 
location, and does not provide effective access. I can see the location, the 
emails appear to be there as cur, new, or tmp, under various folder names, but 
there is no index available.
I do need to refer to old emails. I do not want to have to re-boot from debian 
11 bullseye into debian 10 buster every time I need to refer back.
There must be a better system that can save, index, and retain old mail across 
different versions. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.
Chris Bell
Website chrisbell.org.uk

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