[GLLUG] Colo review - IOMart price is now ridiculous

Travis Mooney-Evans travis at mooney-evans.com
Mon Oct 17 13:52:04 UTC 2022

Hi all --

I have a single cabinet with a 4KW electricity budget with IOMart in 
LDEX1. Got a shocking email from them on Friday afternoon, raising their 
prices more than 100% with immediate effect.

I use a C7000 in the colo, running about a dozen highish-end KVM 
instances (4 cores, 16GB, 250GB, etc), with a couple of HP DL385s as 
TrueNAS storage servers. This has served me well for many years.

With the price rise I'm looking for other options. One of my friends 
highly rates Hetzner. Linode might be a good choice. And there's always 

Anyone have any horror stories, or good ones?

Oh, and anyone know how to actually get in touch with IOMart? Turns out 
that my account manager left 18 months ago and no one told me. No one 
answers their phone lines, and I've even filed a ticket to ask someone 
to call me back.

Kind regards,



Travis Mooney-Evans
travis at mooney-evans.com
Skype: ttmooney

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