[GLLUG] Roll-out of FTTP / FTTH

Peter Grant grantpe at gmail.com
Wed Apr 12 14:06:39 UTC 2023

Analogue telephone switch off isn't the same as removing usage of copper
lines for data provision. Via A&A, I have a copper line with data provision
but not telephone, at first as a specific provision from them but now a
standard option from Openreach for new orders.
It just means that the line has no dial tone and cannot be used to place or
receive calls at all, even emergency numbers. If I want a "landline" phone
number that can be called, it has to be via a VoIP service of some sort.

My area is down to receive FTTP by December 2026, rollout in progress. No
idea when I'll get it, but I really hope soon, as I don't even have the
option in my block to use Virgin, only physical media provider is Openreach
at the moment. No indication that either Community Fibre or Hyperoptic is
looking at my block any time soon, so I suspect Openreach will be my only
option for a long while.

On Wed, 12 Apr 2023 at 14:53, Chris Bell via GLLUG <gllug at mailman.lug.org.uk>

> Hello,
> A fresh look at the FTTP/FTTH progress map on the openreach.com website
> indicates that many areas previously shown as complete are now listed as
> still
> being connected, and some not expected to be completed until over a year
> after
> the analogue copper telephone system was due to be switched off. Is there
> a
> shortage of manpower, fibre, or hardware? Perhaps just over optimistic
> politicians? My house is in a small line of terrace blocks sandwiched
> between
> a major road and a cemetery within one of the areas not listed at all,
> while
> communityfibre.co.uk tell me that they do plan to provide FTTH, but not
> any
> time soon. Much of their local installation work is being done by Kelly
> Communications, who are also major contractors for Openreach.
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