[GLLUG] Roll-out of FTTP / FTTH

Marco van Beek mvanbeek at supporting-role.co.uk
Wed Apr 12 15:08:29 UTC 2023

This is called SoGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access). You get a 
ADSL package that included the bit of copper and usually costs about £5 
more that a standard ADSL line but you don't pay for an analogue line 
any more. It also isn't connected to a voice port at the exchange either.

It does, however, make the broadband provider responsible for the bit of 
copper so none of that bouncing between suppliers when the line is of 
poor quality and everybody blames everybody else.

Anybody with a combined analogue line and broadband is goign to get a 
call at some point from one of both of their providers about converting 
to SoGEA and VOIP.



On 12/04/2023 15:06, Peter Grant via GLLUG wrote:
> I have a copper line with data provision but not telephone

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