[GLLUG] Replacement disk in RAID

Dr. Axel Stammler axst at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Apr 30 07:04:55 UTC 2023

Good morning,

one of four hds in my LVM2 raid has stopped reacting to SMART commands or anything else. The 16 TB raid system contains four 8 TB hds in a RAID 1 set of two RAID 4 pairs:

RAID 1 ┌ RAID 4 ┌ A
        │        └ B ← needs to be replaced
        │ RAID 4 ┌ C
        └        └ D

So I need to replace hard disk B, buy a new disk and integrate it.

Should I replace disk A, too, as it is of the same age? If not, should the replacement B be larger so that in the future I can grow the array? Should I get an HDD or an SSD?

Any tips on the choice of hard disk (size, parameters, maker) as well as on the procedure would be much appreciated.

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