[GLLUG] Installing GRUB on PReP LV

John Hearns hearnsj at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 14:55:26 UTC 2023

Have you tried Dell support?

On Thu, 26 Jan 2023, 18:03 Henrik Morsing via GLLUG, <
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> On Thu, Jan 26, 2023 at 05:22:06PM +0000, James Dutton wrote:
> >>
> Hi James,
> >You don't make it particularly clear what sort of new storage you are
> using.
> EMC 9200T
> >Is the new storage visible from the machine at boot time?
> We're not rebooting for this, online migrations. GRUB install is the last
> step in the migration, it is already exclusively running on the new storage
> at this point.
> >If it is, then you will need to edit or create a new "device.map" file, so
> >grub knows what to do.
> I can find no sign of any "device.map" file on the system and curiously, I
> do not need to do this on SUSE. You're saying create a new one, in the man
> page there is a --recheck command that says it deletes the file, nothing
> about generating a new one. Google is not very helpful regarding
> device.map. Maybe I could try strace'ing the grub-install command to find a
> clue. Or maybe if I can find it on SUSE I can compare... Some ideas for
> tomorrow.
> Regards,
> Henrik Morsing
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