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> On 22/07/2023 22:32, Andy Smith via GLLUG wrote:
> However, if we get a Conservative government, things are likely to
> markedly change.   Sunak and much of his cabinet are probably going to
> be replaced before the election (since they see this as the only chance
> of winning).  Their replacement cabinet will certainly be open to the
> possibility of a change from the MS brokenware that government has
> suffered for years, and the idea of reduced licencing costs will be
> appealing in the straightened times we're likely to have to endure.
At the risk of getting deep into politics, this is absolute nonsense.

There have already been two changes of leader in the current Parliament.
The Tories are not going to risk a third one, as it would only make them
look even more of a joke than they are already. If there were to be a new
leader, they would be another rich and out of touch right-winger who would
have absolutely no interest in things like open source. It's something
that's absolutely antipathetic to Tory ideology, which is that everything
should be owned, preferably by Tory donors. In the unlikely event of the
the Tories winning the next election, the resulting government, whether led
by Sunak or A N Other, will be more of the same. The party would not be
minded to replace someone who has just won them a general election against
the odds.
Tories don't genuinely care about reducing costs. They seem happy to divert
public money to dodgy PPE contracts for companies run by their donors and
friends. The Tory ideology is one of redistributionism — from ordinary
people to the super-rich. This means they hate the idea of "free software"
as it means there are no licence fees that they can give to their friends.

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