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That PACS system had been developed for the US Veterans Administration by
It featured a 20Gbyte RAID array which was portable - meaning you could
sling it under a helicopter.
Think a tall and wide rack of kit.
I also remember going to dinner with a full bird colonel from the US
military when he visited.

Another memory - thei digital X-ray sets were deployed on US carriers. They
were more interested in X-raying the landing gear of Tomcats rather than
sailors broken limbs.

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> > You just need an indexing system that is
> > versatile enough to work with the idea that some people are going to
> > have multiple entries, and in an ideal world they would eventually all
> > get merged, but life isn't like that.
> My first job in London was working on an early radiology PACS system at
> the HAmmersmith.
> (Picture Archiving and Communications System) It used Macs and a dedicated
> broadband network.
> My job - to go through the images from the prototype/testing phase and
> sort out duplicates and mis-labelled X-rays.
> > I would start by identifying every data set you need as a healthcare
> > provider, e.g. patient personal data, appointment data, pharmaceutical
> > inventory, stock control, staff records, and so on, and  create a set of
> > minimum requirements that would go on to create a common API definition.
> For radiology that is DICOM
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>>> On 22/07/2023 22:32, Andy Smith via GLLUG wrote:
>>> However, if we get a Conservative government, things are likely to
>>> markedly change.   Sunak and much of his cabinet are probably going to
>>> be replaced before the election (since they see this as the only chance
>>> of winning).  Their replacement cabinet will certainly be open to the
>>> possibility of a change from the MS brokenware that government has
>>> suffered for years, and the idea of reduced licencing costs will be
>>> appealing in the straightened times we're likely to have to endure.
>> At the risk of getting deep into politics, this is absolute nonsense.
>> There have already been two changes of leader in the current Parliament.
>> The Tories are not going to risk a third one, as it would only make them
>> look even more of a joke than they are already. If there were to be a new
>> leader, they would be another rich and out of touch right-winger who would
>> have absolutely no interest in things like open source. It's something
>> that's absolutely antipathetic to Tory ideology, which is that everything
>> should be owned, preferably by Tory donors. In the unlikely event of the
>> the Tories winning the next election, the resulting government, whether led
>> by Sunak or A N Other, will be more of the same. The party would not be
>> minded to replace someone who has just won them a general election against
>> the odds.
>> Tories don't genuinely care about reducing costs. They seem happy to
>> divert public money to dodgy PPE contracts for companies run by their
>> donors and friends. The Tory ideology is one of redistributionism — from
>> ordinary people to the super-rich. This means they hate the idea of "free
>> software" as it means there are no licence fees that they can give to their
>> friends.
>> Alex
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