[GLLUG] SAN events kill Linux filesystems

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On Wed, 20 Dec 2023, 11:51 Henrik Morsing via GLLUG, <
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> Good morning,
> Don't know if anyone has come across this but every time a SAN node is
> powered down on our SAN, even if un-used, we have a handful of Linux LPARs
> (across multiple frames) with filesystems going into read-only.
> We had migrated away from our IBM V9000 and many months later powered it
> off resulting in the first occurrence of this issue. Later on, we patched
> our new EMC 9200T, which (I'm not a storage person) has two... linked
> systems?... with two nodes each, so four node in total. Even when the first
> node rebooted, we had a handful of Linux systems going into read-only
> (Other OSes un-affected).


Is there anything in the kernel logs? There should be something in there
that explains why Linux thought it best to switch the fs to readonly.

There are lots of different reasons to go readonly, so without logs, it's
difficult to give any helpful info.
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