[GLLUG] British Gas DKIM failure?

Marco van Beek mvanbeek at supporting-role.co.uk
Sun Jan 14 18:06:56 UTC 2024


So looking at this, and Andy's email with what he sees, it looks like 
his British Gas emails are coming from a different place to yours. His 
are coming from SalesForce, and yours are coming from Mail Jet, so I 
don't think we can draw much from that.

I think the next thing to look at is maybe this is an SSL issue, so I 
found thse:

That would indicate a possible issue within some Intel Goldmont 
processors, and can be fixed with telling OpenSSL not to use the 
hardware for this

Maybe that is worth looking in to.



On 12/01/2024 18:28, Henrik Morsing via GLLUG wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 12, 2024 at 04:20:34PM +0000, Marco van Beek via GLLUG wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I suggest grepping your logs for "2F7612233E" as that should pull up 
>> all the the info related to that email from the point Postfix accepts 
>> the connection until it closes, and see if that tells you some more.
>> Regards,
>> Marco
> Hi Marco,
> This is what I see:
> Dec 22 12:37:12 emil postfix/smtpd[3996527]: 2F7612233E: 
> client=o94.p12.mailjet.com[]
> Dec 22 12:37:12 emil postfix/cleanup[3996586]: 2F7612233E: 
> message-id=<296f63a1.CAAABPhWdncAAAAAAAAAAKg7aSYAAYCqUv4AAAAAABBDggBlhYBF at mailjet.com>
> Dec 22 12:37:12 emil opendkim[768]: 2F7612233E: o94.p12.mailjet.com 
> [] not internal
> Dec 22 12:37:12 emil opendkim[768]: 2F7612233E: not authenticated
> Dec 22 12:37:12 emil opendkim[768]: 2F7612233E: s=mailjet 
> d=britishgas.co.uk a=rsa-sha256 SSL error:04091068:rsa 
> routines:int_rsa_verify:bad signature
> Dec 22 12:37:12 emil opendkim[768]: 2F7612233E: bad signature data
> Dec 22 12:37:13 emil opendmarc[3858740]: 2F7612233E: britishgas.co.uk 
> fail
> Dec 22 12:37:13 emil postfix/cleanup[3996586]: 2F7612233E: 
> milter-reject: END-OF-MESSAGE from o94.p12.mailjet.com[]: 
> 5.7.1 rejected by DMARC policy for britishgas.co.uk; 
> from=<296f63a1.CAAABPhWdncAAAAAAAAAAKg7aSYAAYCqUv4AAAAAABBDggBlhYBF at a1065858.bnc3.mailjet.com> 
> to=<morsing at morsing.cc> proto=ESMTP helo=<o94.p12.mailjet.com>
> Regards,
> Henrik Morsing

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