[Herts] [Announce] IMPORTANT: Mailing List Change

Mark Lewis herts at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Sep 1 17:12:00 2002

Dear LUG.ORG.UK List Member,

This is an important announcement.

My name is Mark Lewis and I, alongside a small team of Admins run the
lug.org.uk server.

I am taking the opportunity to send this email to every list member to
advise of a change that happened last night.

As a little background, the present server was donated by a company called
Transtec, though we have a new and higher specification machine donated by
a company called Xinit Systems. What we are trying to do is migrate the
services from the Transtec machine to the new Xinit machine. The reason for
this has it's obvious benefits including performance and newer services.

One of the service benefits is the introduction of Mailman
(http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/mailman.html) as the Mailing List
Manager on Xinit to replace Majordomo on Transtec, which has been a request
by many List Managers for many moons now. Alas and to this end, we took the
bulls by the horns and migrated things last night.

As part of this process you should have received an email from Mailman
giving posting instructions for your subscribed list(s), a password and a
URL for the web interface. This password is personal to you and allows you
as a list member to configure your preferences via the web interface and
unless your List Manager has switched it off, you will get confirmation of
this password from Mailman at the end of each month.

You may find a full listing of Mailman lists on the LUG server at

The other important fact to note is based upon posting. Under Majordomo you
were posting to $listsname@lists.lug.org.uk while from now and under
Mailman, you will need to use the syntax $listname@mailman.lug.org.uk (note
'lists' is now 'mailman'). We have updated Domain Name Services and the MTA
to reflect this, but you may experience problems in the interim if the
mailman.lug.org.uk hostname is not used.

Thank you for reading this mail and I hope you as a list member find the
features of Mailman a benefit.

One last thing before I go, other services will be changed shortly as well.
So, if you find anything spurious happening, please inform your List
Manager or LUG Master who can escalate to the Admin team.

Kind regards,

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