[Herts] Open source CDs in libraries

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Tue Dec 16 10:38:06 GMT 2003

Well, there are problems, but they can be overcome... the report author
points out the need to used pressed CDs, not CDRs. I would imagine this is
more expensive though.

But he mentions in one line of the PDF that he sent them out to 3500
libraries in Britain, so I wonder what happened there, nothing shows on an
ALS search at hertsdirect. Probably still stuck in cataloguing


ps, the library system online is great... you can sit at home and reserve a

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On Mon, Dec 15, 2003 at 08:58:50PM +0000, Oliver Cole wrote:
> OK, I'll just toss this one out and see what people think.
> How do you think HCC would react? I know the Head Librarian at my
> local... maybe he would be a good starting point.
Good idea, but there would be problems, like:


But this is a jolly idea :)



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