[Herts] Fedora, Doowit, Venues, Members Links

Nicolas Pike herts at lug.org.uk
Fri Nov 7 20:30:36 GMT 2003


Distros - I am currently downloading Fedora, so Oli if you can send me your
address I can pop the disks in the post. If anyone else needs other distro's
etc then just email me directly.

Doowit - I have emailed them as there site had no way of adding a monthly
meeting, Thinking on this further I will contact some other local directly
sites etc, and see if we can get some more free publicity.

Venues - Various members have mentioned in passing venues that might be
suitable for "Bring kit along / Talk" evenings, Ideally with broadband. So,
please contact me if you can help organise a venue.

Members Links - If anyone would like a link to their site from our LUG site
just drop me a line.


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