[Herts] Gentoo !!!

Nicolas Pike herts at lug.org.uk
Sat Nov 8 14:21:42 GMT 2003


Well I decided to have a look at Gentoo and duly downloaded the 2 cd’s for
my p3 500. I worked through the install going for stage 3 although I think I
was not doing it GRP, that I could have done.. Well after a fair while
everything was done and time for reboot.
Reboots and appears to load.. But once the first line or so has been written
to the screen it is corrupted badly, so badly that it cannot be read
up with the password prompt, which is ok and I can run some commands, but
not see the output to well! So a few questions!!

1.	I have installed hotplug do I need to emerge any specific modules to find
my graphics card?
2.	The network does not appear to be working ?
3.	Both the above work fine from the Live CD boot
4.	At what stage? Can I telnet onto the gentoo box ? Can I do it when it has
booted from the live CD ? (Just saves switching between PC’s)
5.	Anything else I should consider ?


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