[Herts] Webmin / SSL / FTP(?) and Reverse DNS!

Nicolas Pike herts at lug.org.uk
Sat Nov 15 10:10:23 GMT 2003


My logon from a private address or from my NTL cable address to Webmin
(secured with SSL, on either a local or remote server) is very slow. I have
investigated extensively and it would appear to be a problem with reverse
DNS lookup failing.
Now the solutions I have seen involve adding DNS entries, which is a
complexity I did not really need.. After all the cable address will change
and the private address, well it is “kind of” private anyway.
Some of the articles I read said you could add entries to hosts file, but I
could not make this work / find examples of it. Would it need an
in-address-arpa (whatever it was called) entry!!

Well folks any ideas gratefully received.



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