[Herts] Linux Activity in Herts

Bob Brown bob at guru.net.nz
Mon Oct 20 15:05:41 BST 2003

Hi All,

I'm new to the area (and county, country and hemisphere) and wondering what the activity is like on the LUG.  I looked at the archives but there hasn't been much going on.

I'm a Linux enthusiast, but due to my circumstances (working holiday, I'm from NZ) I don't have an old PC to run it on.  I do however have a Knoppix CD handy (which works wonderfully with a laptop from work) so I can get on and get my fix.

I primarily use Linux for web development (Apache, PHP, mySQL) but have been supporting un*x based servers now for about 5 years and have been involved with converting a bunch of Solaris powered offices to Linux based (about 6 of them in NZ, a couple here in the UK and one in Malaysia).  It's nice to see an office being run on a server which is a P200, 96MB RAM, gobs and gobs of disk space and it being able to handle it with one arm tied behind it's back.

Would be keen on coming along to the next LUG meeting.  What normally happens at them?  I'm based in Welwyn Garden City.


- Bob -

Bob Brown, IT Consultant
Somewhere in the UK
mailto:bob at guru.net.nz

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