[Herts] Linux Activity in Herts

tony.tibbenham at sonoco.com tony.tibbenham at sonoco.com
Mon Oct 20 17:07:52 BST 2003


How active?  Pretty relaxed:  We meet monthly, with a reminder
posted on the list nearer the time.

We have everything from hardware hackers to ISP staff in the LUG
with a few consultants and some techies.  We usually meet in a pub
mainly for a beer or three and some food.
Discussions range from 'how did you get a Movix distribution inside
your stereo?' to 'help me .. I am trying to run X on Debian' with a fair
amount of discussion on nontechnical subjects thrown in.

I hope to make the next meeting, having had the audacity to book a
holiday over the last one.

See you there,

Tony Tibbenham
PS Love the tale about the bubbles on your blog.  I had thought Suzy and I
were the only ones who blew bubbles at traffic from bridges.

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