[Herts] Linux as a music workstation

James Ogley james.ogley at pinnacle.co.uk
Tue Oct 28 09:29:50 GMT 2003

> I'm a Linux user from Croxley (The other end of Herts).

I know it well

> Has anyone out there experimented with Rosegarden (Linux sequencer
> software) or any good sound editors? I have the Alsa drivers for a
> Creative Live Platinum chirping along quite happily but haven't really
> explored the sequencing side of things.

I saw it exhibited at last year's Linux Expo - looked pretty
incredible.  Also, apparently SUSE 9.0 comes with a whole bunch of
professional sound software which they developed mostly in-house - this
is just from a cursory glance at the review in the new Linux Format mag
- maybe you should pick up a copy.

> Any Linux users in the Watford area please feel free to get in touch.
> None of my friends understand my enthusiasm for this system :-( 

There are plenty of Linux users in and around Watford, myself included,
and there are quite a few at my church too.

When it comes to winning friends over, have you tried demonstrating to
them how they can do pretty well everything to do with Windows a lot
better and a lot cheaper with Linux?

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