[Herts] Linux as a music workstation

Oliver Cole stormeagle at ntlworld.com
Tue Oct 28 13:19:40 GMT 2003

> When it comes to winning friends over, have you tried demonstrating to
> them how they can do pretty well everything to do with Windows a lot
> better and a lot cheaper with Linux?

Yes. But they probably stick with Windows for the same reason that taste 
trials of cola drinks where subjects know the brands consistently show 
preference for Coca Cola.

That said, one of my mates swings back and forth between and Windows and 
Linux. He is pretty stuck on Windows at the moment because of lack of 
support for his ADSL modem on Linux.

Somebody else asked me at school what was better about Linux. I pointed 
out it was actually open source that I was into, and I did a concise, well 
argued list of reasons (eg security, price etc). Everybody else listening 
just laughed, in the same way that my mum laughed when I told her that 
lending my SuSE CDs to my mate wasn't illegal.


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