[Herts] Re: u18 vs Standing Order

Nicolas Pike herts at lug.org.uk
Fri Oct 31 20:46:12 GMT 2003


I rang them and asked [now there was a novel idea :-)] 01438 316972 if you
want to check.

Under 18's are only allowed in until 6pm so you will not be able to join us
for our meet from 7:30 pm. :-(

Nicolas: Should we be  looking around for a less smokey, more youth
friendly venue?  Anywhere warm & dry with refreshments and ideally fast

Yep a great plan.. I completely agree. Various people have suggested other
venues, but so far they have come to nothing. We can ask people again on

BTW:  I am glad my description of the LUG is considered sufficiently
accurate to merit an appearance on the web site.

I thought you would like that!!!

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