[Herts] New to Linux via LFS

Barry Sharpe bsharpe at cre.gov.uk
Thu Feb 5 12:48:04 GMT 2004

>>> tony.tibbenham at sonoco.com 05/02/2004 10:43:48 >>>

>> I am new to the group and linux ..
>Welcome aboard.

>>I am currently on chapter 6 of the LFS 5.0 distribution.
>That is a steep learning curve, much kudos to you.
>There are far easier distributions to install and use but LFS is arguably
>the best way to learn how GNU and Linux fit together.

>Good luck


Your not kidding, 

I have to me at least a nasty error in g++  whislt running make -k check on the gcc-3.3.1 build. I left the pc on overnight with the terminal window open in the LFS root enviroment, so  i have just chroot back into the LFS enviroment in case the enviroment may have become unstable. hopefully this will work! i have thrown a post out on linuxquestions.org so i won't re-issue the post here. I may if i get no replies of course i have done a search on google and LFS but so far have only found one fix where the user in question just run the test several times and then the error cleared.  I think he must have loads of time available to him :-).

Thanks for the welcome Tony, 


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