[Herts] Maplin's online voucers, anyone?

Bob Brown bob at guru.net.nz
Sun Feb 15 02:03:41 GMT 2004

Hi All,

I've got a couple of left-over voucher codes for Maplin's website 
(www.maplin.co.uk) if anyone wants them.  You can get them for free if 
you sign up for their newsletter anyway (including a £10 off for over £100)

They have a deal going at the moment for 120GB IDE HDD's for £70.  Dunno 
  if that's good though :)

£2 Voucher - Valid against orders over £15

£5 Voucher - Valid against orders over £50


- Bob -

Bob Brown, IT Consultant,
Somewhere in Scotland.
mailto:bob at guru.net.nz

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