[Herts] Linux 2004 Conference & Tutorials, Leeds, 5-8 August

Alasdair G Kergon agk at lug.org.uk
Sun Jul 4 23:56:17 BST 2004

Linux 2004 Conference & Tutorials, Leeds, Thur 5th - Sun 8th August


* Early-bird discount is available only until Tuesday 6th July    *
* Some accommodation is still available at just GBP 19.97 a night *

The event begins with 2 full-day tutorials on Thursday.
Then the 2-track 3-day conference runs from Friday to Sunday.
You're also be encouraged to take part in a GPG keysigning event 
(with explanations and assistance for people unfamiliar with GPG).

Full-day tutorials on Thursday 5th August

Security-enhanced linux - Stephen Tweedie (Red Hat)

    SELinux is a major new security feature already available in 
    cutting-edge linux distributions based on 2.6 kernels including 
    Debian and Fedora.  All professional linux sysadmins will need to
    understand it as it becomes mainstream over the next year or so.
Troubleshooting Linux Networking - Niall Mansfield (UIT Cambridge)

    A linux-based introduction to TCP/IP networks where the emphasis
    is practical rather than theoretical, covering situations you're
    likely to encounter.  We use everyday tools to show you what's
    happening on your network.  This helps you understand TCP/IP
    at a deeper level and is also great for troubleshooting.

Provisional Conference Programme: Friday 6th August - Sunday 8th August 
Networking and Security
  * Wardriving with Kismet and GPSdrive - Antony Stone - Rockstone Ltd
  * Firewalls - Antony Stone - Rockstone Ltd
  * Cryptonit - Mathias Brossard - IDEALX
  * 100 things to do with a VPN server - Jim Jackson - University of Leeds

Desktop and Applications
  * Gnome 2.6: the Linux Desktop - Michael Meeks - Novell
  * OpenOffice.org - Michael Meeks - Novell
  * The Fonts Don't Work: A Practical Guide to Unicode on Unix - Aaron Crane
  * Giving Presentations Using Linux (and avoiding Powerpoint) - Simon Myers
  * Developing a Plug-In structure for your KDE application - Jesper Pedersen
  * An application for managing digital images - Jesper Pedersen
  * Report Writing Workshop using OpenOffice.org - Clockwork Systems
  * The FlightGear Flight Simulator - Alex Perry - Quantum Magnetics
  * Power 'Vim' Usage: Tips & Tricks for Everyday Editing - Simon Myers
  * High-performance 3D Graphics: How Linux will overtake Windows
    - Andy Fenselau - Silicon Graphics, Inc

Embedded Systems
  * Porting Linux onto a Digital Camera - Shigeki Ouchi - RICOH Company Ltd.
  * Porting Linux to the XDA-2 PDA - Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton
  * Eddy-current Detection with Linux: Finding nails in your Walls 
    and Cracks in your Aircraft - Alex Perry - Quantum Magnetics
  * Emdebian: Embedded development the Debian way - Philippe De Swert
  * YAFFS - A filesystem designed for NAND flash - Wookey - Aleph One Ltd.
  * The business case for Embedded Linux - Jon Masters

Kernel, Clustering and Filesystems
  * Linux Filesystems - Christoph Hellwig - LST e.V.
  * Storage Area Network and Parallel File Systems:
    High-throughput file access for your cluster - Jos van Wezel
  * The GFS Cluster Filesystem - Steve Whitehouse - Chygwyn Ltd.
  * WORKSHOP: Diagnosing System Hangs and Crashes using lkcd and dprobes 
    - Richard J Moore - IBM UK Ltd
  * Grids for e-Science in Europe - Ruediger Berlich

Project Management
  * Debian: The Kernel-neutral OS - Matthew Garrett - University of Cambridge
  * Quality Issues in Free Software Projects - Martin Michlmayr - Debian
  * Open Source Development Techniques - Jake Stride - University of Warwick

Systems Administration
  * 1000s of Linux installations but only 1 administrator 
    - Owen LeBlanc - Manchester Computing, University of Manchester
  * Knoppix workshop: Building your own Live CD - Ian Naylor
  * UoSLinux: A Linux LiveCD distribution for use in Higher Education
    - Robert L Warrender - University of Sunderland
  * Tea, Earl Grey, Hot: Replication with WvSync - Dave Coombs
  * WvStreams: An Easier Way to World Domination - Dave Coombs
  * MailScanner - Julian Field - University of Southampton

Case Studies
  * Bringing Open Source to the West Midlands - Open Advantage
  * An EMC Vehicle Testing System using Open Source - Clockwork Systems
  * Commercial Wide Area Deployment of Linux - Clockwork Systems

  * PCI: Past, Present and Future - Matthew Wilcox - Hewlett Packard
  * RPM Python and friends - Paul Nasrat - Red Hat
  * The Foundation for Information Policy Research - Steve Coast
  * Generating ideas for software integration and against non-inventive 
    patents - Siu-wai Leung and Dave Robertson - University of Edinburgh

If you book on or before Tuesday 6th July you can take advantage of the 
Early Bird rates e.g. UKP 45 for the 3-day conference (50% discount)
or just UKP 15 for students. (If you're not already a UKUUG member,
you'll need to add the membership fee to this - details on website.) 

There are also still opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors: 
contact office at ukuug.org for details.
Web: http://www.ukuug.org/events/linux2004/ 
Email: office at ukuug.org 
Tel: +44 1763 273 475 

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