[Herts] [OT] Reputable Computer Dealers in Stevenage (or surrounds)

Bob Brown bob at guru.net.nz
Wed Jul 21 11:54:16 BST 2004

Hi All,

I've just had a panicked call from a client asking about how to get his 
Windows PC fixed.  By the sounds of things it's bogged down with 
spyware, malware etc etc (oh, and AOL is installed there too).

Can anyone recommend a reputable computer place in Stevenage or the 
surrounds that could assist him?  I'm looking for a quality dealer, not 
neccesarilly the cheapest.  I would do it myself but I'm down in 
Hampshire :/


- Bob -

Bob Brown, bob at guru.net.nz
Traveller and IT Consultant

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