[Herts] Re: Home.desktop has no type

Lexx linux at cyberesque.com
Mon May 3 18:21:44 BST 2004

> > > >From looking at mine, it doesn't look as though it contains anything too
> > >
> > > critical.
> > >
> > > Neil
> >
> > However, it does mean that my desktop icons no longer work.
> True, but I did suggest some possible fixes. 
> Have you tried any of them? Did they help?

Well, I have a couple of online friends that are also using MDK 9.2, so getting the file from them is an option. I will need to wait for them to come online though!
As for deleting the file. I'll take a rain cheque on that one until I have it confirmed that the file will be recreated by MDK.
I don't have a backup at the moment.

Maybe if I re-associate it as the correct file type?


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