[Herts] Wireless AP

Tony tony-lug at friis.co.uk
Tue May 25 15:03:31 BST 2004

Many moons ago ....

Nicolas and I thought we might set up a wireless Access Point accessible 
to the pub meeting.

I am now in a position to set this up, having purchased an ASUS WL500g 
AP and got it working as a demo for a client. The demo now over, it 
could be set up for Wednesday 2nd.

I have access to a clients ADSL internet connection about 50m from the 
pub. Unfortunately there is an office wall, two hefty brick walls and 
the pub wall between the AP and a laptop in the pub, This makes a 
connection difficult, it's probably still worth a try though.

I think a trial run would be a good idea, is anyone interested in 
joining me for a test prior to 2nd. Also who might be able to try for a 
connection on the day.

Awaiting comments with Interest


Tony Friis, Weston

PS although the above is appently not very Linux relevant, the ASUS box 
contains embedded Linux with the source available from their website. I 
have it on a CD which I will bring along.

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