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nicolas wrote:
> Hi,
> If you are still interested to do a chat on encryption, that would be
> great for our next meet? Perhaps you could send me a paragraph, by way
> of an intro and I can update the web site and start promoting it.
> Regards
> Nicolas
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> I intend to be there. Anyone got anything special planned? I'd quite
> like to see some more structured presentations of stuff. Nothing too
> formal, just a run through of whatever you have found or are interested
> in. A couple I'd consider doing are encryption and the semantic web. I'm
> not an expert in either, but have read a bit.

I've not planned it out yet, but I'd like to cover:

1. What is public key encryption?
2. Why bother?
3. The web of trust
4. Creating a key in GPG
5. Using encryption for email and IM

My experience to date has been using Thunderbird for mail and Psi for
IM, so I can demonstrate using those.

If anyone else with a PC there can help me out we can use that to
demonstrate encrypted communication.

If anyone wants me to cover anything in particular then drop me a line
on the mailing list.

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