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Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Tue Apr 19 14:19:22 BST 2005

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Tony Friis wrote:
> Steve
> I'm happy to help out with another PC for encrypted communication.
> I normally bring a Laptop with win2k, firefox and thunderbird but I can
> easily organise a linux machine with SuSE 9.2 or 9.3? or some other
> distro by arrangement.
> I presume we'll want to check things out in advance of the meeting.
> We'll also need to cope with mail relaying issues. My ISP will only let
> me send mail when connected via its own adsl network.
> Tony
> Weston
> Steve Clark wrote:
> I've not planned it out yet, but I'd like to cover:
> 1. What is public key encryption?
> 2. Why bother?
> 3. The web of trust
> 4. Creating a key in GPG
> 5. Using encryption for email and IM
> My experience to date has been using Thunderbird for mail and Psi for
> IM, so I can demonstrate using those.
> If anyone else with a PC there can help me out we can use that to
> demonstrate encrypted communication.
> If anyone wants me to cover anything in particular then drop me a line
> on the mailing list.


I'm considering doing the demo using dummy accounts. I could set those
up on my mail server. I'm loath to use my real encryption key as using
it in public compromises my pass-phrase. I was thinking of setting up
everything from scratch, i.e. create keys (may use the command line to
make it generic), set up email encryption, sign keys etc.

The distro used should not matter much. They should all have GPG, but I
actually updated mine to the latest version (1.4.1) by compiling from
source. Older versions would be adequate as there are no major security
holes that I know of.

I'll work out the logisitics and get back to you about the exact


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