[Herts] Debian CDs at 10th August meeting

Mr. Spock spock at canopus22.demon.co.uk
Wed Aug 10 18:04:34 BST 2005

On Sun, Aug 07, 2005 at 02:43:37PM +0100, nicolas wrote:
> Herts LUG Meet Wednesday 10th August.
> This month: Linux Distro's, Demos, Chat, and BROADBAND Internet access.
Just to let you know: I've bought a complete set of Debian 3.1 "Sarge"
Binary CDROMs and also Binary+Source DVDs. I'll bring them to tonight's
meeting, so if anyone wants to copy them, bring some blank CD-Rs/DVDs
and a burner-equipped computer. I may be able to lend them for a short
time eventually, but I do need them at the mo.

See you later

P.S. Tux badgefest too :-)

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