[Herts] Computer parts clearout

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Sat Dec 3 09:36:21 GMT 2005

On Friday 02 December 2005 20:19, Tony Black wrote:
> Well it can do what servers do, firewall, email, hosting programs/games
> etc. 6gig is more than enough for a basic firewall server, we can stick
> wireless card in it and use it as a WAP.
> We could also use it as a dev server if "the group" does a website as a
> project etc. Or for testing software. To much is better than not enough,
> so more PC's the better.
> If we grab a bigger drive, we can use as a backup/file store etc.
> I know its a long shot, but does it have SATA? Coz I got a spare
> Hitatchi Deskstar SATA150 (price break was at 5, so 5 was cheaper than 4).

Do you really think a PC that old would have SATA? Even my main PC doesn't.

> If not ill have a dig and find a drive.
> Tony

I'll bring it along anyway and we can have a play.


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