[Herts] Put yourself on the map

Tony Black anthonyjamesblack at ntlworld.com
Thu Dec 15 19:37:44 GMT 2005

Steve Clark wrote:

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>I've just created a group for the LUG on Frappr. This site uses Google
>Maps to allow you to show where you are and which groups of people you
>belong to. This could be useful to find others with similar interests in
>your area. For us it will give some idea of our geographical coverage.
>The site is at:
>It is possible to add yourself to a group without registering, but I
>recommend that create an account as this will give you more control. It
>doesn't require you to give any personal details unless you really want to.
>Other groups you might want to consider are:
>Drop me a line if you have questions.
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Ive posted on there, but its stuck my pin thingybob at top of stevenage, 
and not asked my postcode or anything.... Said if your not US then 
click, I clicked and then its town only. No post code :(

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