[Herts] Digital Cameras with Linux

Mr. Spock spock at canopus22.demon.co.uk
Sun Dec 25 11:34:02 GMT 2005


Nicolas' DV post reminded me of a question I have for you:

Do all digital cameras work with Linux, just as a USB mass storage
device? Or are some proprietary and evil?

Excuse my dumb ignorance; I'm usually an old-skool analogue SLR
user, but I'm going to Senegal in a fortnight and my Canon EOS600
is a bit too big (and precious) to fit in my hand luggage. So I'm
thinking of getting a little compact digital camera to take.

Any recommendations? I need a flash that can be disabled, preferably
a zoom lens, and I'll need lots of memory sticks or Compact Flash
cards or whatever to save a fortnight of Africa. My main concern is
that it is not a PITA to use (most of my experience with digicams is
bad). What should I look out for?

Christmas Cheers

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