[Herts] Digital Cameras with Linux

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Sun Dec 25 13:09:12 GMT 2005

On Sunday 25 December 2005 11:29, Mr. Spock wrote:
> Hello
> Nicolas' DV post reminded me of a question I have for you:
> Do all digital cameras work with Linux, just as a USB mass storage
> device? Or are some proprietary and evil?
> Excuse my dumb ignorance; I'm usually an old-skool analogue SLR
> user, but I'm going to Senegal in a fortnight and my Canon EOS600
> is a bit too big (and precious) to fit in my hand luggage. So I'm
> thinking of getting a little compact digital camera to take.
> Any recommendations? I need a flash that can be disabled, preferably
> a zoom lens, and I'll need lots of memory sticks or Compact Flash
> cards or whatever to save a fortnight of Africa. My main concern is
> that it is not a PITA to use (most of my experience with digicams is
> bad). What should I look out for?
> Christmas Cheers

I use http://www.digikam.org/ to get pictures from my Canon (A400 3MP and 
pretty good for the money). It uses Gphoto that seems to support most types 
of camera.

There's loads of cameras that meet your requirements. It's a matter of 
deciding what you want to pay and then scouring the review sites. Memory 
cards are dead cheap these days (1GB under £35). Maybe you should look for 
something fairly rugged for your trip with good resistance to dust and 
moisture. I've seen some Olympus models that push that feature.


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