[Herts] Orinoco Wireless PCMCIA driver

Lexx cyberesque at softhome.net
Sat Jan 15 09:33:51 GMT 2005

Well last night, on a whim I plugged in the PCMCIA to see if it got
picked up and what driver it would be assigned. On boot it got picked up
as eth0 and the lights on the card showed it was alive. It correctly
assigned the driver (orinoco_cs). So far, so good. It was working, but
not set up on the network. 
I then made my first mistake - I ran "HardDrake". At that point, network
tools were configured. 
I went through all the setup, logged out of X and then back in. No
lights on the card. I rebooted, the card was detected - as before, but
no lights. Still detected as eth0, still with the correct driver.

I think I need to change it from eth0 to wlan0 for a start and then
create a ifcfg-wlan0 as that got the USB device working on the other PC.

Problem is, that was nearly a year ago and I've since forgotten how I
went about it!


On Sat, 2005-01-15 at 08:58, Ash Thakrar wrote:
> Hi Lexx
> Have you tried booting with a Knoppix live CD with the
> PCMCIA card inserted and check if it gets probed
> during boot up.  Then you can use dmesg to check what
> drivers are being used. 
>  --- Lexx <linux at cyberesque.com> wrote: 
> > Has anyone had any success installing an Agere
> > "Orinoco Silver" [PC24E-H-FC] PCMCIA wireless card?
> > I'd be interested to hear any helpful hints.
> > If anyone has managed to get one working I'd
> > appreciate a link a good driver as there appear to
> > many drivers for Orinoco cards depending on it's
> > age.
> > 
> > Any help or guidance gratefully received.
> > I'd very much like it working by the next LUG on the
> > second Wednesday ;)
> > 
> > Cheers
> > Lexx
> > 
> > 
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