[Herts] Anything new for next week?

James Ronan james at ronanweb.co.uk
Wed Jul 6 19:25:33 BST 2005

> I've just finished the first stages of my sisters wedding video (mini-dv 
> -> firewire -> kino -> mpeg) so yes I could give a little presentation on 
> this.

This sounds good -- i've just bought a Firewaire card and digital camcorder so
i'll also be interested in your experiences with Linux and video!!

BTW Just to introduce myself - I'm James, a web developer from stevenage. New to LUG,
but i;ve been using linux for some time now. Looking forward to the next meeting!! :-)

Speak to you all soon!


> Perhaps I'll even have time to finish the project (tarting it up via 
> cinelerra) and add their wedding photo's as a DVD extra before the 
> meeting.
> Jason

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