[Herts] Java challenge

Tim Walker ny590090c at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jun 12 18:10:21 BST 2005

Works OK for me - pretty up to date Debian Testing, Firefox 1.04 with 
JRE 1.5.0_01-b08


Andrew Benham wrote:

> Now that June is here, I thought someone might fancy a challenge to 
> occupy them during the cold wet afternoons :-)
> If you point your web browser at   http://www.northernrock.co.uk/my/
> and click on "log in" on the right-hand side, then, assuming that
> you have a Java plugin, JavaScript enabled, and allow popups from
> 'ww6.northernrock.com' and 'ww7.northernrock.com', you'll be
> greeted with a Java applet.
> The applet has a text box to enter a Customer ID Number.  But, on every
> Unix/Linux system I've tried with it, the font used for user input is
> far too tall for the text box.  If you try entering "ABCDEFG", you'll
> probably just see the top 2 or 3 row of pixels for the user input.
> It isn't just the login screen that exhibits this, but unless you have a
> Northern Rock account you won't be able to see further.
> It's a right pain to use the application when you can't really see what
> you've typed - have I entered £100.00 or £19999 ?
> The fonts are OK with that "W*nd*ws" platform and the Sun JRE, but it 
> breaks my heart that I have to use Gatesware for this one application.
> This is something that I've been looking at, on and off, for a couple 
> of years.  I've installed a BCI-enabled version of FreeType, installed 
> the
> M$ TrueType fonts and configured the Sun 1.4.2 JRE to see them.  But I
> still can't see the user input properly - either I need more fonts, or
> my fonts aren't scaling properly, or ....
> So much for "write once, run everywhere".
> Or is Java "write once, run away screaming" ?
> So, if anyone fancies a challenge I'd be pleased to hear their thoughts.
> Or their solution even.

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