[Herts] Anyone going to LugRadio Live?

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Fri Jun 24 08:54:05 BST 2005

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Mr. Spock wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 21, 2005 at 09:22:02AM +0100, Steve Clark wrote:
>>I'm not planning on going, but they have some interesting speakers
>>This coming Saturday in Wolverhampton.
> Maybe if I find the strength... (a hectic week). I'd like to see Ian Bell
> talking at 2:15pm about his seminal Beeb game ELITE, in which I spent
> most of my youth ;-) Rufus Pollock is also one clever guy who I met at
> the DTI Software Patents meeting last December.

I too spent many hours playing Elite on my BBC Micro. I never had a
floppy drive so this was from the cassette version which lacked some of
features. I think I managed to move up a couple of levels, but never
attained Elite status.

Well if you go we shall expect a report :)

>>My personal Linux news is that my success with my ALSA sound at the last
>>meeting was only partial. I have to run alsaconf every session to get it
> Not sure about this, sorry. The ALSA mailing list/archives may know:

I've had a good look around, but not found an answer. It probably
depends on learning much more about where ALSA stores stuff. It's one of
those annoying things that is likely to put people off Linux. Maybe
Ubuntu will do it better than Knoppix. We shall see.

>>I'm also having problems getting my scanner to work (Epson
>>Perfection 610 USB).
> I can't remember what distro you're running, but here's the SANE docs:

Again, I've searched for clues with no success. These sort of problems
require analysis that I lack the time for. I had to resort to putting
the scanner on the Windows 98 PC to scan some pictures for my daughter.
I'd really like to do everything on Linux, but other family members just
want stuff to work and can't wait for me to get it working.

> One day when I've got music gear set up I'll demo Ardour and other audio
> software.

Looking forward to it.

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