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Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Fri May 6 11:17:08 BST 2005

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Neil Youngman wrote:
> On Wednesday 23 Mar 2005 13:44, Steve Clark wrote:
>>I've got a PC running Mandrake 10 and that's pretty good so far. I just
>>have the odd issue with installing software. The latest episode was when
>>I tried Digikam (digital camera download, photo management/editing). It
>>comes as source and I gave up after it demanded about 6 other packages.
>>I have another PC that's due to be Linuxed and fancy trying something
>>different there. I hear lots of good things about some of the Debian
>>distros. So I'm after opinions. Possibilities include Knoppix, Mepis,
>>Ubuntu (not sure if I want Gnome only). I don't really have the time to
>>play with all of them, so I'm after the path of least resistance. I
>>intend to put together a list of software I'm using and/or intend to
>>use. That should appear on my blog at www.bagofspoons.net some time soon.
> Well I've installed Mepis here, although it's been considerably updated from 
> Debian testing. It suits me pretty well. It's main advantage for me is that 
> it has a pretty slick install and you get access to all the Debian packages.
> As it's both a live CD and an installable distro, I recommend downloading it 
> and having a play, then you can install if you like.
> It is KDE only, I believe, so if you want to mix and match KDE and gnome, 
> you'll have to download all the gnome stuff from Debian after installing.
> Neil Youngman

I tried the previous Ubuntu (4.10) that a friend had lying around, but
that would not boot on my PC. Then I downloaded Knoppix 3.8.1 and that
started up nicely. I've since installed it to the drive and am in the
process of copying data across and setting up the software I need. So
far, so good. I find I'm needing to do a bit more command line work than
on Mandrake, but that's generally good for improving my Linux skills.
I've installed a few things via the GUI package manager and that handled
the dependencies for me.

KDE is fine for my needs. If I find I need Gnome, I'll look at
installing it.

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