[Herts] FW: Herts LUG - ** 8 port Switch

Tony Tibbenham tony.tibbenham at ntlworld.com
Fri Sep 9 09:52:17 BST 2005

> I have now purchased a small 8 port switch for the LUG, if people have a
> few patch leads that would be very helpful.


I have old spare switches (24 port 10mbit Bay) which could have been donated 
from work, had I been aware. I also have a few patch leads which may find 
their way over to the LUG one day.  Does anyone else travel over from Hemel 
Hempstead? I could, maybe, send the leads over with them

[thread creep]
Within the next 7 months I am closing the site [and being made redundant] so 
will have routers, switches and other IT stuff to dispose of.  Anyone know 
some good outlets (i.e. charities) who may want anything left over once the 
IT staff from other plants have finished picking over the pieces?


Tony T

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