[Herts] ** Plan For Future Meetings

Ian Gregory yahoo at zenatode.org.uk
Sat Apr 15 14:58:43 BST 2006

On Sat, Apr 15, 2006 at 01:21:42PM +0100, Malcolm Smith wrote:
> One thing I would like to get away from is random aimless talk, and
> could we possibly leave discussion of Windows and other OT/non-free
> subjects out of the picture?

Good point - I am particularly prone to digression. We should all have
signs with a big "OT" written on them that we are encouraged to hold
up if we think anyone is going off topic:-)
> In future I'll be giving talks on The GIMP, The BASH and possibly
> some other four-letter words as I see fit.

If I get time to prepare I would perhaps do something on a three-letter
word - ODF (KOffice 1.5 has just been released with full native ODF
support, so now there are at least two Open Source office productivity
suites using it, the other of course being OpenOffice). Since ODF is
built on XML there might be a case for an XML talk first (staying with
the three-letter theme). But then again, since I have never used
OpenOffice or KOffice perhaps there is someone else who could do a
better job.
> I could send out a message to the LUSTy folk of LUton and ST. albans
> HertsLUG inviting them along, since there is a distinct lack of any
> meetings going on there - we have an unrivalled venue here, and it's not
> that far away. What do you think on this? Would amalgamating the two
> LUGs work in everyone's interest? There are also LUGs in Bedfordshire
> and Milton Keynes which are other possibilities, so maybe having so
> many tiny LUGs in the area is hindering us, and St. Albans is in
> Hertfordshire after all. The name LUST rocks though... ;-)

What are those traitorous Hertsians in St Albans doing consorting
with Bedfordites anyway? We should definitely sort that out:-)


Ian Gregory

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