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Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
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Here's the latest I've heard from next month's attraction. Sounds good to me. 
They even use Linux. Can someone provide a laptop with Powerpoint? I guess we 
could always try it on OpenOffice.


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Subject: RE: OpenStreetmaps speaker
Date: Thursday 31 August 2006 16:21


We have agreed between us the arrangement for your meeting.
I will be travelling from Enfield and doing main presentation, with
support from Robert Scott and Oliver White (who will be coming down from
I will have a portable LCD projector from my work and will bring a
Powerpoint show on a USB memory stick, both of which I'd like to attach
to your internet-enabled PC for the show (so we can use the website in
demo as well as Powerpoint).
We will also have a Thinkpad running Debian with the appropriate
software in place to show some mapping.
In fact if all works to plan we will seperately be travelling to
Stevenage and capturing some GPS traces before coming to venue, which we
will download, and demonstrate with during presentation (asking for
trouble really!).
I don't know how long sessions normally last, but I expect we will
talk/demo for 45mins to 1 hour or so and then do some hands-on/questions
if appropriate.
We will see you shortly before 7-30pm. Any other thoughts don't hesitate
to shout.
Please advertise this within your group.
Title: OpenStreetMap
Context: OpenStreetMap is a free editable map of the whole world. It is
made by people like you. OpenStreetMap allows you to view, edit and use
geographical data in a collaborative way from anywhere on Earth.

Look forward to meeting you,


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