[Herts] Clearing out (very) old computer kit

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Fri Dec 15 16:14:12 GMT 2006

I'm replying to my own message, but it keeps the thread count down.

As well as getting rid of my old kit I'm also on the lookout for some
bits to keep my old computers viable for a bit longer. Someone might
have these left over after an upgrade:

1. Socket A Athlon CPU. Anything faster than a Duron 1200 that uses a
266 FSB. I believe this limits me to a maximum of an XP 2600, but some
of those use a 333 FSB

2. PC2100 memory. I could do with another 512MB.

3. AGP graphics card, preferably nVidia-based. Rob gave me an
MX4000 board, but I couldn't get it to work, perhaps because it was
too new for my systems. That board is available if someone can use it.

I've put some requests on the local Freecycle lists, but I'll try here
too. I am prepared to pay something reasonable for the items or do some
sort of swap.

I've done my usual write-up of the last meeting on my site


Some of us (Ian, Dave and myself) have been playing with something
called FOAF. It's a way to present computer-readable details about
yourself. You can see a rendering of mine if you click on my name at the
top of my site. If anyone is interested I may be able to do a talk about
it next year some time.


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