[Herts] rant

Tony Friis tony-lug at friis.co.uk
Sat Feb 11 01:11:09 GMT 2006

Several of us in the lug are wondering how we can improve the meetings.

One possibility is to provide more in depth presentations and demos of 
particular subjects of interest. As a contribution to this end I offered 
to do a presentation on the Asterisk PBX. (see "Wednesday Asterisk").

I put quite a lot of effort into setting this up. The feedback I got 
from those who attended was positive and it seemed to be worthwhile for 

          But only FOUR people turned up!

Even some who had planned to come managed to find something "more 
important" at the last minute.

Although I am happy to put in the effort, I couldn't ask others to do so 
(e.g. external speakers) unless members are prepared to provide some 
support, if only by turning up to listen.

Am I wrong to be disappointed?

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