[Herts] rant - challenge

Tony Tibbenham tony.tibbenham at ntlworld.com
Sun Feb 12 20:12:14 GMT 2006

I am one of the (usually) silent majority who rarely gets to a LUG meet even 
in my home town (Bedford) .. I coined the phrase 'LUG Slag' as someone who 
attended multiple LUG's each month (Beds, Herts and MK) then got a family.  
That was nearly 2 years ago.  

Will I start attending regularly? Realistically? Probably not.  

So .. what would make me attend?  An excellent presentation on something i'd  
like to know more about? .. Nope - we've had one of those. 
A chance to relax with good friends over a beer or 3?  Nope .. i'm always 

.. what would tempt me .. ?  I do not know.  Anyone got a good suggestion?

If the meetings are costing money to run I suggest the format is re-thought 
unless Nicolas is happy to keep paying.  

Good luck 

Tony Tibbenham

PS .. would it be worth going virtual .. meeting by IRC instead of in a room?


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