[Herts] FOSDEM: Brussels, Sat 25 - Sun 26 Feb 2006

Alasdair G Kergon agk at lug.org.uk
Sun Feb 19 23:49:27 GMT 2006

The purpose of this email is to invite you to attend the 6th FOSDEM 
on the weekend of 25th and 26th of February 2006 in Brussels.
Previous events were hugely successful with more than 3000 developers 
coming from all over the world to attend talks given by famous figures 
of the Free Software and Open Source community.

See http://www.fosdem.org/ for more information.

This year's speakers include:

  Alex Russell, Project Leader of the Dojo Toolkit
  Axel Hecht, Member of Mozilla Europe's Board of Directors.
  Crispin Cowan, Architect of the AppArmor Project
  David Roundy, Lead Developer of the Darcs Project
  Geert Bevin, Lead Developer of RIFE
  Greg Stein, One of the Early Designers of the Subversion Project
  Ian Pratt, Leader and Chief Architect of the Xen Project
  Jan Janak, Core Team Member of SER (The SIP Express Router)
  Jason Huggins, Original Author and Core Team Member of Selenium
  Jean-Marc Valin, Main Author and Maintainer of Speex
  Jeff Waugh, The Challenge of the GNU/Linux Desktop
  Jon Haslam, DTrace Project
  Jon Trowbridge, Maintainer of Beagle
  Julian Seward, valgrind Founder and Project Lead
  Mark Spencer, Founder of Asterisk
  Massimiliano Pala, OpenCA Project Manager and Chief Designer
  Michael Meeks, OpenOffice.org
  Richard M Stallman, Leader of the FSF
  Tomasz Kojm, Original Author and Project Leader of ClamAV
  Uriel M. Pereira, Plan 9 Hacker

And many others who will be giving talks and tutorials...

Several Free or Open Source Software projects have decided to hold a 
meeting during FOSDEM. It is a great occasion to meet core developers 
in the following developers' rooms: Ada, Calibre, GNU Classpath,
Debian, Embedded softwares, Gentoo, GNOME, GNUStep, Jabber, KDE,
Linux on Laptops, Mozilla, Opengroupware, openSUSE, Tcl/Tk, X.org.
All those rooms have an internal schedule, including 
talks and presentations from lead developers.

Don't miss other FOSDEM initiatives like the Key 
Signing Party, or the LPI exams.

FOSDEM's goal is to provide Free Software and Open Source developers 
and communities the opportunity to learn and discuss the latest 
developments in the Free and Open Source arena and to promote the 
development and the benefits of Free and Open Source solutions. 

The speakers mainly talk about technologies and make technical 

The event is totally free.

This is a non-commercial event organised by people from the 
community. So we would like to thank our sponsors who have understood 
this and helped us making FOSDEM possible to happen this year again 
in the same spirit. Those include: O'Reilly, Google, Argon7, Canonical,
ESCAUX, GNU/Linux Magazine France, Linux Magazine, Misc, Nokia, Novell, 
SUN Microsystems, Think Wize, Freshmeat.net, Linux Magazin, Sourceforge.net 
and all of our donators without who organizing such an event wouldn't be 

We encourage you to support FOSDEM if you appreciate the event and 
want it to continue in the same spirit. More information about the 
FOSDEM 2006 support operation at: 

We hope to see you there. 

The FOSDEM team
pr at fosdem.org

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