[Herts] rant

Tony Friis tony-lug at friis.co.uk
Sun Feb 26 22:10:14 GMT 2006

Dear Jac & Richard

Please accept my sympathy for your loss. I feel very sad that this could 
happen to anyone, I'm sure that losing a child must be devastating. I 
have three daughters of my own and certainly any difficulties they have 
are keenly felt, never so much though as you must be feeling.

With my love and sympathy

Tony Friis

Also -

I'm sorry too that the thread I started should have reached this point. 
I'm sure brigsy must have felt bad at the time he wrote his comment, it 
rather brought to a halt the discussion.
If people read the original post they may find that it wasn't just a 
whinge. I was of course disappointed at the turnout, though as has been 
pointed out, it shouldn't have been unexpected.
The first half of my post covered the background, trying to explain the 
efforts some of us are making to improve the group, and the whole 
intention was to get positive comment, which much of it was. Looking 
back, I see my post was too negative (and the title didn't help) but I 
still hope that efforts can be made to keep the group active and grow.

A recent post was unfortunate, but it does go to show that we do not all 
know each other as well as we might, I'm sorry about that, but thank you 
for explaining, as I now remember meeting you both and enjoying the 
occasion. I didn't feel a comment was appropriate when I wasn't sure who 
you were.

I think this thread has now served its purpose, and I shall make no 
further posts to it. By all means let us consider where the group might 
go. But not in this thread.


jac.didd wrote:
> Richard is the 6 footer and Jac is his little chatty blonde wife. 
> We were regulars when the meet was at the pub and went quite a few times to
> the new venue, but then I got pregnant and had a very hard time with it, so
> could not make the meetings, and then our 17 year old son died and despite
> putting up notices YOU LOT have not even sent us your sympathies. 
> Peace and Happiness' is something that Rich and I will not feel for a long
> time to come.
> The email you are slagging off is in response to one member's winging
> because only 4 people turned up to a presentation that he had given.
> Read your passed emails 
> Jac
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>>You poor sick sad people.
> What is this in response to?
>>Do you not read the newspapers
> Yes, I do not read the papers - I get my news via RSS (I sometimes
> buy Private Eye).
>>Our very own Jac & Richard have lost a very precious son last week,
> Who are Jac & Richard?
>>get a life before its taken away from you.
> How can it be taken away if you don't have one - this makes no sense.
> I wish peace and happiness to all beings in all worlds including
> Jac & Richard whoever they might be.
> Ian

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