[Herts] Herts LUG IRC channel - #hertslug on EFNet

davidp at preshweb.co.uk davidp at preshweb.co.uk
Fri Jan 13 09:35:30 GMT 2006

[sent this once already but didn't seem to come through... think I sent to
the list from the wrong email addy, so wasn't recognised as a member...]

Hi all,

As some of us briefly discussed at last night's meet, I think it'd be
a good idea for us to have an IRC channel to chat on.  It's a more
inviting, less formal + much more interactive way to have discussions
than the mailing list.

So, I've created a channel named #hertslug on the EFNet network.  You
should be able to connect to any of the IRC servers in the EFNet
network (I personally have had good results with efnet.demon.co.uk)
and join the channel.

If you're not familar with IRC, there's plenty of tutorials [1] out
there.  XChat [2] is a very good IRC client, available for Linux and
Windows.  There's also Chatzilla [3] which is a Firefox extension
which uses Firefox to do IRC - that's pretty sweet and easy to use

BTW I'm permanently connected to IRC, so you'll see me in the channel,
if my nick is set to "presh|afk" then I'm not about at the moment.

How would everyone feel about arranging "virtual meets" on the
channel?  If anyone's interested we could arrange dates + times for
everyone to meet on the channel for an hour or two to chat... perhaps
some of us could volunteer to host Q+A sessions on topics we have
experience with, etc etc.

Anyway, hope to see some of you on there soon!


Dave Presh

[1] http://www.irchelp.org/
[2] http://www.xchat.org/
[3] http://www.mozilla.org/projects/rt-messaging/chatzilla/

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