[Herts] Google maps

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Fri Jan 13 19:13:26 GMT 2006

On Friday 13 January 2006 11:17, robin.c.smith at bt.com wrote:
> To test your python skills you could run through
> http://www.pythonchallenge.com

I had a play with that last year. Got through 15 levels and never got around 
to the next one. I've been using some code I wrote then as a basis for a 
GeoURL extractor. I think I need to learn about regular expressions to do it, 
but I did find some code to get all the links in a page.

I've done loads of programming over the years in Basic, Pascal, C++, Java and 
a few others. I do Oracle PL/SQL for work, but have been looking at Python as 
something to play with. It's good for quick and dirty scripts.

BTW I've logged onto the #hertslug IRC channel, but have not seen anyone else 
there yet.

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