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Nicolas nickmobile at nicolasassociates.com
Mon Jan 16 13:43:03 GMT 2006

No problem I will fix it

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I noticed that the link to www.min-itx.com on the member sites page is
broken. I think you missed out the http://


nicolas wrote:
> Hi,
> 1. Thanks for the pointer to Chatzilla, it solved the problems!
> 2. A few LUG page updates. If anyone would like to be added to the
> members page just email me.
> 3. The "Why Open Source" and "Articles" pages are now very old. Shall we
> remove them?
> 4. New Meeting Reports page added.
> 5. Any updates for the Library page? Do people think it is useful? 
> 6. Steve pointed out the excellent Hants lug site. The whole site is a
> Wiki, which certainly makes updating it easier.
> 7. Someone asked why ports seemed to be open on the LUG firewall. I
> think the reason why ports where showing as open was that our firewall
> is connected to the internet via another router / firewall. Whose
> configuration has always been, well shall we say, suspect. 

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