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Thomas Adam thomas at edulinux.homeunix.org
Wed Jul 5 14:33:17 BST 2006

On Wed, Jul 05, 2006 at 02:26:55PM +0100, Steve Clark wrote:
> I've yet to play with any virtual machine stuff. One of my aims is to
> move my remaining Windows PC to Linux so I have thought of running a
> Windows VM. The main reason for having Windows is so the kids can play
> some old edutainment titles. I've tried one of them on Wine and it

I am surprised no one has mentioned QEmu as a FOSS alternative yet.

> didn't work. I ought to have another go. There's also the software to
> set up my house control system (Comfort) that is Windows only. I may
> keep an old PC just for that.

There have been some ideas about this for Linux in the past; Larry Wall
uses Perl to control many appliances within his own home.  I've also
seen several attempts at doing this under Linux, but I don't know of any
one particular project to come to fruition.

Note that the reason why this list has been especially quiet of late is
that the main LUG server hat hosts mailman went for a Burton.  It's in
the process of being fixed though.

-- Thomas Adam

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